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the metamorphasis of alice...

from now on, i will be FLOODING your friends pages with frivilous information. well... no... not really... just one tiny tid-bit a day. hopefully, this will make the community more active...

~ your moderator

today's completely useless fact: the average person swallows four spiders in their sleep each year.
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ewwwwwwwwwww! past these lips? no way!
Yo, that "fact" be an URBAN LEGEND! I've also heard it as 8 and such.
See, I also heard it was 8, but this fact is hardly to be trusted!
First of all, if people swallow them in their sleep, unwittingly I'm sure, then how would this data be collected? There's no practical way to do a study on this, because there would be no way to simulate a normal home with a normal amount of spiders in the study. The only way it would work if you set up video cameras in a ton of peoples' rooms over a year long period.

I'm willing to be this study would be extremely costly, and the results would be completely useless.

I render this fact incorrect!